Jerry Spagnoli is an artist living and working in New York City. He is known primarily as one of the worlds foremost daguerreotypists but his work a much broader range of mediums than just daguerreotypes, He has used black and white photography, photomicrographs, color photography, digital iphotography, video, sculpture, and film to communicate with his audience. He has reinvigorated the daguerreotype process and introduced it to contemporary art practice through his own projects and with the collaborations with Chuck Close which have received broad exposure. Recently Steidl published a collection of his daguerreotype work in a book titled Daguerreotypes 1995 - 2004 The daguerreotype process is a difficult and meticulous process requiring painstaking attention to detail and a willingness to accept the vagaries of the potential results. Living in New York City has also allowed him to take on project of historical documentation centered centered not on the media imagery of the major news outlets but rather on the idiosyncratic abilities of various media and the small scale circumscribed access to these events that are experienced by everyday people. A new project, "Loacl Stories", has expanded his representation of the small scale ephemeral moments that are the real substance of history.

Jerry Spagnoli Daguerreotypes and Photographs
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